"Doug has every possible base covered in the studio. You want someone who can step in on any instrument should the need arise? You want someone to chart some horns? You want someone who can produce and engineer circles around the competition? You want someone to work his ass off and be reliable, dependable, patient and organized? You want someone who is a great hang? Doug Derryberry is your man."

—Chris Keup, Winner, ASCAP Sammy Cahn Lyricist Award 2000

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"Working with Doug was a fantastic experience. He has a relaxed,knowledgeable approach to recording and producing. It is so great to hang and work with a dude who seems to know what you are trying to do, and helps you realize your vision instead of trying to steer you in some direction that is NOT your vision. He always seemed to have good ideas when mine ran out, composure when I was tweaked, and fresh ears when mine were burnt. The guy is awesome."

—A*N*D*Y , EarthtoAndy , Giant Records

"Doug is the greatest. He makes my toes curl!"

Bruce Hornsby

"I've recorded with over a half a dozen producer/engineers in the past few years, but none have been as easy or fun to work with as Doug. Doug is a multi-talented musician who knows how to communicate with musicians and deal with our mental illnesses - this allows him to capture great performances."

Tony Lopacinski, guitarist - Train

"Doug has it all: a fantastic ear, a knack for all sorts of electronics, the ability to sing and play bunch of instruments very well, the patience and the self sacrifice which make projects succeed."

—Joti Rockwell, Rockwell Church, Compass Records

"Doug Derryberry is all things in the studio. He is both the easy-going producer and player who can conjure that exact, wacked guitar part that brings a song to life, as well as the meticulous, scientific engineer who misses nothing in tracking and mixing a record. Too bad he's generous, patient, and fun to work with--blows that whole evil genius rap for him."

Rob Seals, two-time winner BMI Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

"Doug Derryberry is my own personal rock god. No one is cooler, no one can say "you suck" nicer. Simply put, if you ain't Doug Derryberry...someone out there is a lot cooler than you."

—Kevin Murphy, drums, Earth to Andy

"Doug possesses the well rounded attributes of the consummate musician and the objective, supportive producer. He has the ability to be critical and detailed without overshadowing or infringing upon the artist's intent - a difficult task that all producers face, and only few succeed at. As a skilled engineer with a keen ear, he simply gets an excellent sound. As a team player, he knows when to interject his opinions, and when to lay back and let the magic of the creative process flow uninterrupted."

—Mike Corn, Heydevils

"Derryberry is truly a gem. In an industry where caucophonous disingenuous dung is peddled and consumed as the second coming of the messiah, Derryberry continually strives to make songs sound solid. He has a natural feel for songcraft and a genuine gift for time, technique and musical coloration that sets him ahead of his contemporaries in playing, perfoming, engineering and production. As a songwriter, I feel he is god's gift to songs!!!"

Mitch Treger, The Emptys

"Doug is equally comfortable on the musical front as well as the technical front when it comes to recording with him in the studio. Unlike some people who own recording equipment, Doug's strength as a musician combined with his deft recording skills yield great sounding results. I enjoy recording or playing music with him any chance I get."

—Chris Watling, The Grandsons

"It's always a huge advantage to have a producer who can perform all your parts better than you can without making you feel bad about it."

—Nathan Hubbard, Rockwell Church, Compass Records

"Doug is a talented guitarist, keyboard player and singer. As a producer, he can help with arrangements, song structure, etc. as well. Doug's insight and excellent advice helped me take my guitar playing to a higher level in the studio. As an added bonus, he has a very odd sense of humor."

—Karl Straub, The Graverobbers

"Doug's laid back attitude creates a comfortable studio atmosphere, his ear for sophisticated harmonic and melodic ideas enhances the arrangements of our tunes, and his pitch-perfect singing voice makes one wonder: "Who needs Justin Timberlake anyway?"

—Tom Helf, Cravin' Dogs